Freegan Beech for Alice and Trisram
Tristram a famous freegan, felled, planked and seasoned this tough, flesh coloured beech tree and this elegant catspaw oak from Windyridge estate in Sussex. {nook} was commissioned to turn the whole pile into furniture for the house that he shares with Alice in London Fields

Summer 2011

Thank you Hector for help with planing...

...and Ed for help with construction.

The first catspaw oak bench was made as a companion piece to {nook}'s Dovetail Table.

The second just fits under the kitchen window.

Old cupboard doors were combined with beech to make an airing cupboard which doubles up as a staircase to the attic.

Beech wood makes good bookshelves...

...and kitchen shelves and more bookshelves...

...and in the bathroom an oak and slate shelf (actually a slice of snooker table) supports the world.

These Indian painted doors, brought back from Jodhpur by Alice, combined with pegged beech make a bedroom cabinet.

The leftovers are always the most beautiful - just enough for a coat-rack and bicycle rest.

Thank you Alice and Tristram for inspiring me.