Some pictures of previous projects.

Books and Mirrors hallway inspired by Jorge Luis Borges, William Morris and Banksy, Edinburgh.

Family Branch stairs, Leith.

Simoneye, a driftwood bench for Simon Perry keeps watch over his porch in Greenwich, London.

These bedroom shelves take lessons from old furniture and fractal geometry in balancing order and chaos, London.

From above the Edinburgh Books trapstep is invisible. All shelving was constructed using reclaimed Church Pews.

Magic Carpet boxroom conversion awaiting stairs.

Discarded wood and a freecycle record player combine in this Musical Staircase.

Shelves from found materials made for Will Brady in exchange for constructing a website and identity for {nook}.

Proud Shelf is made from marine ply - the leftovers from reflooring this flat in Finsbury Park, London.

Painted freegan ply pieces follow the curves of a waxed driftwood branch to make a Kitchen Corner shelf, Edinburgh.

'Edna' the wide screen TV hiding in plain sight and 'Maude', her bedheads and bannisters companion, accomodating gramophonic equipment et cetera. Thank you Leanora for photographing them.

Sign painting for the Speigel tent, Edinburgh festival 2010

Curvilinear shelves and mezzanine double bed made from freegan wood provided by Bigwood Estates, Edinburgh.

'The Submarine' - an LDV people carrier converted using found wood and slate for Will, location transitory. whY Be GooD?

The branch columns of this Booktree for Lloyd's of Kew bookshop were carried from nearby Brentford Aigt at low tide, Kew, London.