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Boxroom staircase and floating double bed made from two upright pianos, Edinburgh.

Luftschlosser and {nook} collaborate to create a treegeode, Berlin.

Wonkey driftwood branch handsawn and mirrored to form an eternal band sofa back, Edinburgh.

Giant fish from slabwood, coppiced hazel, willow for weaving and 10000 recycled CD's, Glastonbury.
In collaboration with
Recycled Venues and Greenpeace.

Kitchen storage made out of a donated Steinhart piano, Edinburgh.

Bed for Eddie from door, carved mahogany post and church cladding offcuts, London.

Junkyard piano dismantled and reconstructed as a Piano Windowseat, Edinburgh.

Dovetail Table assembled from two large redwood planks and a slate piece accompanied by an English Oak Bench - no nails, screws or glue, London Fields.

Freegan Beech shelves fill the front room, London Fields.

Airing cupboard, made from reclaimed doors and spalted beech, doubling as a staircase. London Fields.

Hurricane Elm collected from Brighton cemetery after the storm in '87 made into a bed, London Fields.

Waney wall unit made from Hurricane Elm, London Fields.

Recycled mahogany steps spiral round a windfall beech tree branch from the Meadows, Edinburgh.

Seaworn bricks support a Belfast sink with antique brass taps. Driftwood and slate finish Seabrick Sink, Lieth.

Driftwood display shelves for the Owl and Lion gallery, Edinburgh.

A panelled door, an oak fire surround, a mirror and pegged scaffold planks combine in the Word of Mouth Cafe, Edinburgh.

Found plywood cut into curves and slotted together make a practical and beautiful windowseat for Isabel Why, London.

Wrecked boat found at Prestonpans turned into a windowseat for Anna, Edinburgh.

Standing Sleepers a guerrilla public sculpture commission for Forgotten Game made from freegan railway wood and lost people, Edinburgh.

Artist and seamstress Jutyna Wills commissioned this table made from a stonecutters cutting board and a winebox, Edinburgh.

Playwright Rebecca Nadja-Rajah uses this 'Slate Desk' designed and built by {nook}, Edinburgh.

A table found in a skip in Utrecht provided the materials and inspiration for Lover's Seat, Netherlands.

4 spades, 2 hoes and 1 rake were used in this GardenToolChair.

'Bedside Table' for Alistaire on display at Art's Complex, Edinburgh.

Postcard from/of Atlantis Books designed and built by {nook} on Santorini Island in Greece.

Bamboo and String Tree House for Connie's school, Varanasi, India.

Edinburgh Books backstairs 'Trap Door Stair' accesses 'Priest hole' understair storage, Edinburgh.

A 'harmonograph', a geometric shape generator made from an old ladder, two sets of dividers, weights, a kite and a ball point pen. Click
here to see one in motion.

Portrait commission for Adrian Hornsby from a picture he took of his father. Oil on board, vintage gilt frame. Photo credit: Adrian Hornsby

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